With the coming new year, we should all be grateful to have been born during an era which could produce a Bob Filus. Bob Filus, in death, has proven how the impossible can be made possible. Bob Filus' post-mortem weight has now expanded yet again. Subsequent to receiving TEN doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, Bob Filus' corpse has now surpassed the 450 pound mark and is on its way to 500 pounds! This is unprecedented in recorded medical history, not only because Bob Filus has been dead for over 3 1/2 years, but because when Bob Filus reaches the 500 pound mark, Bob Filus' corpse will have to be transferred to a butcher's meat locker since the refrigerated morgue in which his carcass now resides can't store individual bodies weighing over 500 pounds! What does all this mean? *NM*

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