Well, Unwiped, your Toad shitposts outnumber not only my "pro-Todd" posts, but ALL of my posts combined by a margin exponentially wider than your cottage cheese dimpled, morbidly obese ass. However, the way I slice and dice you like so many tons of decaying gefilte fish is infinitely more witty and creative than ANYTHING you anonymously vomit out onto the pages of this forum, particularly your "Toad Shitposts", which are as repetitive and boring as they are untrue and stupid, and which perfectly embody OCD on steroids. At least I have the ability to and DO discourse on other subjects whereas the ONLY thing you have any "knowledge" of is what your great hero Todd does or is doing. But as always, Fucktard™ is as Fucktard™ does, and by your own admission, as well as empirical observation of everybody who's ever posted here, you ARE the ultimate Fucktard™! ;-) *NM*

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