GOOD NEWS, MY FELLOW NIMONIANS!!! Starting early next year, any resident of Alabama who refuses to take the Coronavirua vaccine will NOT be able to renew their driver's license!!! And those unvaccinated idiots who ATTEMPT to drive without a license will be arrested, jailed and have their automobile SEIZED by law enforcement!!! Not only will the new law make all of us safer, but the seized autos will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be used to give HUGE RAISES TO EVERY POLICE DEPARTMENT IN THE STATE!!! Every brave hero in blue I know is WILDLY ECSTATIC about this new law!!! I and My merry band of Democrat Activist Contact Tracers are as well!!! After this law goes into effect, any firearms owned by these anti-vax scofflaws may next be confiscated as well!!! MORE REVENUE from ASSET FORFEITURE!!! And this will probably spread to other states beyond Alabama as well, one can only hope!!! I'm as giddy as a little girl over this!!! More on the story as it develops!!! TOODLES!!! :-)))))) *NM* *LINK*