Kikenvermin Schwartz says......SHITSRAEL would have defeated the Nazis if they existed in 1939, but when SHITSRAEL existed the first time they were repeatedly conquered. Even when they won they were constantly warring with their neighbors and showed an innate inability to get along with others, or even each other, which is probably why they were a split kingdom after King Solomon. Egypt conquered and enslaved Israel without ever throwing a spear. Babylon conquered Israel under Nebuchadnezzar. Rome occupied Israel for generations before sacking it in 70 AD and dispersing the Jews around the world. Even today they are constantly at war with the neighbors they tried to re-claim land from almost 1,900 years after their long dead ancestors were defeated and exiled. The American Jews who support this, like Schwartz, want and celebrate diversity here probably because they benefit in some way from a destabilized America. Jews are con men. *NM*

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