LOL! "Would have".....but ya DIDN'T. Better and braver people than you land thieves had to die to free your ungrateful asses. Speaking of wiping out old men, women and children, how many of them who were Palestinians had to die to make room for you interlopers? You people had the balls to invade and lay claim to a land you were kicked out of almost 1,900 years earlier where non-Zionist working class Jews had been peacefully co-existing in the meantime, and your kind continues to steal more land through the honeycombing of settlements. I believe nothing a lying left wing kike says. You're so "tough" you believe in securing Israel's border in a land they have no right to, but not ours. Newsguy is right about you, and I don't really give a fuck that he's also a Jew. He's a working class union labor Jew. You're really not smart at all. Just a fat mouthed old kike with too much inherited money spewing his parents' tired political views, and who's more Israelite than American.

Go fuck yourself with a concrete dildo Harry.

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