PLEASE leave Todd alone. It's not his fault. He can't help it that his natural superiority to Unwiped Fucktard™ is vast enough, combined with UF's debilitating level of Tay Sachs brain damage, to cause UF grievous emotional pain and intense jealousy. Todd is on infinitely higher intellectual and physical planes than UF could ever hope to be, thus, UF just doesn't understand Todd, or much of anything else in this world, save for UF's well fondled copies of the NAMBLA Newsletter. This is in addition to being a morbidly obese, Jewish, lifetime cripple who's confined to a wheelchair, unlike Todd who's a splendidly handsome example of Caucasian manhood. Both UF and Todd were born the way they are, thus, it's a fait accompli that UF would be as jealous as he is obese! Todd certainly can't help it, so please try to understand and leave Todd alone. He's caused enough suffering for Unwiped Fucktard™ already. Don't make UF's suffering any worse than it is (even though it's richly deserved). *NM*

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