HELLOOO FELLOW NIMONIANS!!! I and My merry band of Democrat Activist Contact Tracers will be working overtime on Indigenous Peoples day (some bigots insist upon calling this "holiday" Thanksgiving) to help ensure that NOBODY hosts more than ten guests inside their homes at any one time!!! We will be riding around in our cars to monitor the situation and report scofflaws to our brave heroes in blue, the police!!! Naturally, it's questionable as to why normal, fair minded, intelligent people would even WANT to celebrate a "holiday" commemorating the slaughter of the host population of this continent in the first place, but this is a persistent tragedy and the only way to mitigate it at least somewhat is to ENSURE that NOBODY is able to spread the Coronavirus even further!!! Anyway, let's give thanks to Joe Biden's stunning victory two weeks ago, while we laugh uproariously at tRump's temper tantrum over having lost to the more popular, better man!!! For now, TOODLES, everybody!!! ;-) *NM* *LINK*

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