My Fellow Nimonians!!! When the Honorable Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. takes the oath of office on January 20 as the new, LEGITIMATELY ELECTED President of the United States, I, along with My merry band of Democrat Activists will throw a HUGE party!!! I sincerely hope that Biden's first order of business as the new Commander In Chief will be to ARREST and IMPRISON DONALD J. TRUMP for incompetence and treason owing to the immeasurable and irreparable damage he has caused to the African-American and Latino communities NATION-WIDE!!! I have dedicated My life to setting aside My White Privilege in favor of helping the poor and downtrodden nonwhites elevate themselves in our racist, illegitimate society to positions of prominence which they should have held all along, were American society not so inherently evil and bigoted!!! I will expound on this subject at length tomorrow, so, as it's now late, it's off to beddy-bye for this Supreme Contact Tracer!! TA-TA for now!!! ;-) *NM* *LINK*

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