HELLOOO FELLOW NIMONIANS!!! Serious topic here: Dr. Anthony Fauci says that a nationwide lockdown is likely, due to the virus, which is SURGING out of control!!! This means the police will be required to arrest and even shoot, if need be, ANYBODY who ventures out of their houses, which will be against the law. This again is why we must NEVER defund the police!!! Who will round up and neutralize all of the lawbreakers otherwise??? I support the police 100% as you should too!!! They serve and protect us against dangerous criminals, such as those who would flout government orders to MASK UP and STAY INDOORS for as long as the government prescribes!!! Same with mandatory vaccinations!!! We will need the police and military to MAKE SURE EVERYBODY is VACCINATED and to arrest or SHOOT those who resist!!! I, along with My merry band of Democrat Activist Contact Tracers will do everything in Our power to assist the police!!! So should you!!! That's all for now!!! TOODLES!!! ;-) *NM* *LINK*