Don't worry, they won't go anywhere. We... I mean, they just disregard "complaints" such as those. Speaking of complaints, I have one: why haven't you donated to my Patreon account yet? I mean, that's assuming you haven't, which, if you're a regular poster here, you most likely haven't. And again, if you haven't, then why not? My expenses, which include a co-located server & fully computerized broadcast studio coupled with a multi-mode antenna element array, come to just over $15,000/month, and that's BEFORE the landlord of the property on which the studio's located, jacks up the rent another 150%, which is scheduled to happen later this month as per my not-so-sweetheart lease and the coronavirus pandemic. I ought to punch the living shit out of you, then connect a pair of 1000 volt terminals to your testes (if you have any) and let you fry for a few minutes or maybe 10 hours, so that you'll STOP STEALING MY BANDWIDTH, YOU CHEAP COCKCUCKER!! Don't think I'll do it? TRY ME! I DARE you!! *NM*

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