I am GAY, but the Admin here is because HE DELETES MY POSTS!!! HE's afraid of the TRUTH, just like all of YOU who CONSTANTLY ACCUSE ME of being GAY when I'm VERY obviously GAY AS FUCK!!! Ok, I'll prove it to you AGAIN: just have a peek at the dude with the most perfectly formed physique ever, the awesome ZAC EFRON!!! There's NOT A ONE of you who could HONESTLY say that his buns jiggling in that singlet don't make your cock just want to EXPLODE!!!!!! I could FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THAT ASS FOR HOURS WITHOUT EVEN WORKING UP A SWEAT!!! The difference between you losers and ME is that I am UNAFRAID and UNASHAMED to ADMIT i'm a GAY FAGGOT, obsession for and devotion to MAN-ASS, whereas YOU are all SCARED TO DEATH to admit the same!!! That's why I AM GAY and I aM A FAGGOT!!! Let me say it again: I am GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM* *PIC*

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