Can we get one thing clear: Russia interfered with our 2016 elections on behalf of Trump. The House, the Senate, and every single intelligence agency agreed. What wasn’t proven was collusion, by clear evidence, with the Trump campaign, despite many, many ties between the two. Very few people believed that Hillary lost because of this collusion. It just pissed us off that Russia interfered and Trump never sanctioned them for it. Moreover, the Democratic leadership accepted the election results and didn’t file 16 spurious lawsuits in the wake of the election. Hillary didn’t claim she was cheated or that the election was rigged — she conceded. Once again, Trump acts in a way that no President has ever acted before, and without any concrete evidence, and the Republicans cry “equivalency.” No it’s not. Please, Lord, if you would punish your three year old for making stuff up and being a sore loser, don’t accept and condone it from the President. Thank you. *NM*