You neither know Todd nor understand Todd. I think it's great he's focusing all his time on Minecraft these days, which means he isn't verbally eviscerating the pathetically stupid, brain-damaged Jew known as Unwiped Fucktard™. It's not UF's fault he was born with Tay-Sachs. It's a genetic defect common to many Jews owing to centuries of inbreeding and UF had no choice in the matter. UF will win the gold at the Special Olympics next year, as he does EVERY year in the wheelchair race, a spectacular feat for somebody who weighs 450+ lbs, and it's even more impressive given that Jews almost NEVER prevail in ANY contests of athletic ability. Todd understands this and hopefully you will too. Todd, who, like anybody else with a pulse, is intellectually superior to UF by such a wide margin, it's almost pointless to even discuss. So, please leave UF alone and let him continue to endlessly spampost and drool over his PC keyboard. It's all he knows. It's all he has. He is Fucktard™! *NM*

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