THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout, Willis!!! Now, MAKE SURE you do this WHENEVER circumstances beyond my control prevent ME from doing it!!! Fuck it, MAKE SURE you do this WHETHER OR NOT I'm doing it too!!! Shitposting The Toad is vitally important!!! In fact, I think there's a law which DEMANDS it somewhere in the Talmud (I'll have to check as soon as the extremely large, VERY dark black man who's servicing my tuchis as I type this, is finished)!!! Some more: TOAD HAS BAD BREATH!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD NEVER WIPES AFTER TAKING A SHIT (NEITHER DO I BUT I'M JEWISH AND THE TALMUD FORBIDS IT)!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD ON HIS TRICYCLE ISN'T AS FAST AS I AM IN MY WHEELCHAIR IN 4TH GEAR!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD HAS PINK EYE, UNLIKE ME WHO HAS BROWN EYE BECAUSE MY EXTREMELY LARGE, VERY DARK BLACK BOYFRIENDS SIT ON MY FACE!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD ONCE DREAMED HE ATE A 50 POUND MARSHMALLOW AND WHEN HE AWOKE, HIS BLOW UP DOLL WAS GONE!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! *NM*

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