hahaha Toad can't run a repeater right hahaha Toad only can get sex from a doll hahaha Toad finished school a year late hahaha Toad wears crooked glasses hahaha Toad has no teeth hahaha Toad is legally retarded hahaha Toad's parents control him hahaha Toad can't run a forum right hahaha Toad is sexually attracted to children hahaha Toad's neighbors said on facebook that he's slow hahaha Toad has hemophilia that causes his mental retardation hahaha Toad always sits next to mommy against the wall when they eat out hahaha Toad is afraid of getting beat up by his neighbors so he never goes out alone hahaha Toad only has a size 6 1/2 shoe size hahaha the police won't return his computer equipment hahaha Toad isn't allowed to file police complaints due to abuse of the system hahaha *NM*

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