What the fuck is wrong with you people??? There's not been ONE shitpost about TOAD ALL DAY!!! I couldn't do it myself because after wanking off horribly to the latest issue of the NAMBLA monthly newsletter last night, I drooled so heavily over my PC keyboard that it burned out, but not before shocking me so badly that I fainted!!! I was unconscious in my wheelchair for 6 hours today, causing me to shit all over my seat and electric motor, which shorted THAT out, too!!! EMS finally arrived with a team of veterinarians who revived me. Now that I'm finally logged in here again, I see that while I was out of commission, you sockpuppets just sat on your FAT KEISTERS DOING NOTHING BUT STEALING THE MONEY I PAY YOU OUT OF MY DISABILITY AND WELFARE CHECKS!!! This is most UNACCEPTABLE and I will NOT put up with it ANY MORE!!!!!! *NM*

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