Oy vey!!! You can't even count to 98, which is WAY higher than a Fucktard™ IQ!!! Besides, the literacy level of this shithole forum is WAY too low for you to be posting so much!!! These posts just SCREAM AND WHINE "Unwiped Fucktard™"!!! Anyway, I pay you socks a HEFTY portion of the monthly welfare and disability I scam from the white taxpayers so that YOU can shitpost around here FOR me!!! Do ANY of you realize just how hard it is for a supreme Fucktard™ like you to construct sentences which rhyme, or even sentences which DON'T rhyme, without the use of that big book which gives definitions of words??? I can't think of what it's called and the only book you've ever opened up was your Talmud! Your monthly NAMBLA newsletter doesn't count as a book, so I won't even mention it. You'll fondle it though!!! *NM*

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