HAPPY POST ELECTION EVE, FELLOW NIMONIANS!!!!!! This a GREAT day in American history, as FLloyd below has stated: the better man, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., is projected to win AS HE SHOULD HAVE, to become our 46th President!!! From this day forward, it will be FAR easier for Me and My merry band of Democrat Activist Contact Tracers to remove the last of those hideous Confederate monuments from the South and everywhere else!!! Racism against Afro-Americans or any other people of color will FINALLY become a crime punishable by prison or death!!! Kyle Rittenhouse will now certainly spend the rest of his worthless, racist, antisemitic life in prison!!! It's a GREAT time to be alive, even though My beloved Dorothy Kilgallen is no longer with us to share it!!! Well, up and at 'em early tomorrow again!!! More peaceful BLM protests for THIS Supreme Contact Tracer to come!!! TOODLES for now, and don't forget to MASK UP!!! ;-) *NM* *LINK*

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