I just told some people how alienated I feel by them pointing out that I mercilessly, as well as ceaselessly and retardedly, shitpost about Toad. I can live with that. Actually, I have no choice. It's not as though I can get a hydraulic engine hoist to lift me up out of my wheelchair, away from my PC and do something else like work an honest job like an ordinary productive citizen every day or any day. After all, I'm not only the ultimate Fucktard™, but I'm also a Jew. Bad combination, especially where being a productive member of society is concerned. Uh, oh, I'm wasting a post!!! Ok, here goes my REAL reason for posting here: TOAD IS AUTISTIC!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD LIVES WITH HIS PARENTS!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD FLUNKED SECOND GRADE (BUT GOT FURTHER IN SCHOOL THAN I DID)!!! HAHAHA!!! IF TOAD GAINS ANOTHER 100 POUNDS HE'LL BE AS OBESE AS ME!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! *NM*

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