For those of you who are happy that the late Harold Covington's Northwest Front went belly up, my response to you is: you're welcome! I had to do a LOT of extracurricular work behind the scenes, in addition to my broadcast and internet duties, to make that happen, and this time, WITHOUT the FBI's help! No, my actions ultimately did not lead to Covington's timely death two years ago, but hey, I was too busy at the time. I'd like to think that the demise of the Northwest Front makes up for that. Now, isn't that worth a donation of, say, $20, $10, $5 or maybe, possibly even $50,000? The latter is what it actually costs me MONTHLY to keep my co-located server up and running, along with the costs of frequent maintenance. What about it? Are any of you going to man up and donate to my activities on YOUR behalf and for the benefit of our GREAT nation? It's late now, so think this over tonight and I'll get back to you tomorrow. *NM*