Though I LOVE your shitpost, sockie, it's hard for me to render an opinion here. Because my synagogue is now closed Friday nights, with no more penis tips being bitten off of newborns and no more ritual murders of goy babies (or anybody else we don't like, such as most non-Jews), I decided to ride my electric wheelchair out to the cemetery behind the synagogue, to spray paint some swastikas on a few of the tombstones, then call the local newspaper so that white nationalists could be blamed. Problem is, I can never remember if the spokes of the swasi run left or right. No matter. Most Nazis are stupid enough that they can't remember either, thus, they can still be framed for this. And they will be, I promise. Until then, I still expect ALL of you to SHITPOST about Toad as much as possible!!! *NM*

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