Over 210,000 DEAD AMERICANS because of trump's lies and complete failure to handle the Coronavirus. Trump's sheep need to understand and accept the fact that it's over. Trump has completely failed, and we will never give him another term, it's not gonna happen. This isn't 2016, Hillary Clinton isn't running and false polls and Vladimir Putin won't be able to save the scumbag racist criminal trump this time. President Biden IS COMING, you no longer have the numbers to stop us this time. President Biden will save America from trump's many failures, just like President Obama saved America from bush's failures. But make no mistake, trump is THE WORST EVER. We will destroy and reverse almost all of trump's horrible actions and policies, and make America great again. America will no longer be laughed at. No more tweeting nonsense, no more racism in the White House, no more crimes, no more non stop lying, no more walls, no more disgrace, no more bullshit. IT'S OVER, ACCEPT IT. *NM*

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