Antifa Kills Trump Supporter at Denver Rally

There was a clash at a Denver Trump Rally yesterday/last night, the antifa was yelling and threatening one Trump supporter, the Trump supporter bitchsmacks the antifa then sprays mace in the faggot's face, Antifa pulls out a gun and shoots the Trump supporter in the chest at point blank range. It's all on video. Cops immediately arrest the antifa, while the Trump supporter is flat out on his back dead.

Police say the shooter was not related to antifa but that is a lie. Here is a sampling of his social media posts - anti-cop, anti-conservative, anti-Trump, loves Chavez and Socialist regimes, loves BLM and was part of Occupy and promoted antifa rallies on social media.

The antifa was there as a security guard, but here's the catch - the local Denver news reporter who hired him is also very anti-Trump on social media, and was embedded with antifa during protests including the one where the murder took place.

My hunch is either the police are not aware of the murderer's affiliation with antifa, or they are not saying it in an effort to de-escalate.

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