Every year around this time, Lloyd is afflicted with an acute case of melancholia. This is due to the lovely Dorthy Kilgallen, with whom Lloyd had a secretive but torrid love affair for many years and which ended only with her death on November 8, 1965. It's going to hit Lloyd especially hard this time around since this year marks the 55th anniversary of her demise, which more than a few people, including Lloyd, think was actually a murder! Lloyd fully expected Dorothy to arrive at the studio the next evening, November 9, as Lloyd's guest for ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT, but instead, Dorothy never showed up and as the Big Blackout was commencing, Lloyd's broadcast engineer for that night, Cameron Cronkite (Walter's son), was doing all he could, with the aid of backup generators, to keep Lloyd on the air. In fact, he was so (typically) wrapped in show prep that at airtime, Lloyd hadn't yet found out about Dorothy's death! *NM*

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