I see as usual, you have nothing of import to say which doesn't involve Todd Daugherty. How UTTERLY fascinating! I see that you must be a tremendous failure in your personal life to be able to devote so much of it to someone as completely earth shattering and world-conquering as Todd Daugherty. I see that I don't blame you because I see that Todd really is a gigantically interesting, intelligent witty person, all attributes which you don't have and will never be accused of having. Anyway, I don't really concern myself with such matters which I find to be completely trivial. My days and nights are spent cogitating on how earth shatteringly important it is for me to get my sphincter cleansed several times per day, every day by having very large, extremely dark black men ram their very large, extremely dark black snakes up my sphincter. But that's just me and you're just you and we are as different as night and day. Carry on... *NM*

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