Listen, you: I do NOT want to suck Toad's or Lloyd's cocks!! I am NOT a faggot!! I am a PEDOPHILE!! You DO understand the difference, right, Imaginary Shithead? I BITE THE PENIS TIPS off of newborn baby boys!! Or at least I used to when my synagogue held Friday night ritual murder services!!! DO TOAD OR LLOYD LOOK LIKE BABY BOYS??? That's it... YOU ARE THE FIRST OF MY 666 sockpuppets to get fired!!! BE GONE WITH YOU!!! In fact, I WILL bring Llardass, Toad, Schvartzie, Steve Holestain, NewsTard and The Inturd in to take your place because YOU SUCK (almost as much as I do in the presence of lots and lots of newborn baby boys with uncircumcised penises)!!! SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM*

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