**RETARDED N9OGL TODD DAUGHERTY** resets his shitty forum for the 82nd time where him and a gay porn spammer reside. And he's still obsessed with the movie Cuties, he just can't stop talking about it.

A Responds

I recently made a comment on a YouTube video regarding the Netflix movie "Cuties". The following is what I wrote with a some addons.

The following was a respond to an individual who I responded after I stated I hope Netflix fights it and wins.

Sorry this is long; but when you get to be my age (52) you become long winded and you try to write it out and get all messed up.

It's because you are too retarded to know what proper tense of nouns and verbs to use.

Here's why I hope Netflix fights it and wins. Cuties is in a long line of films that people have gotten mad over because of it's "questionable" content. Movies like Lolita, Pretty baby (with a very nude 12 year old Brooke Shields in it), Beau Pere (a French version of Lolita which had a sex scene of a supposedly very young 14 year old girl and a older man), Tin Drum, Blue Lagoon and the list goes on and on.

You sure an expert on those movies, aren't you???

Just because something is icky and YOU don't like it doesn't mean that it's not protected under the First Amendment; in fact the US Supreme court has even stated that. This is the issue I have with this whole mess, once you ban something because people thinks it's icky you open the flood gates for other things to get banned. I know people don't like child porn, excluding myself; by child porn is a narrow form of unprotected speech. The government has tried to extend it into speech that may look like child porn but it's isn't; the courts has rejected that extension into protected speech (Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition 2002). The best thing people should done is not talk about it and Cuties would of like all those other films I mentioned above would of faded into obscurity.

Yet you talk about it, all the time

The idea that the majority has the right to remove something because they don't like it has also failed in the courts. The US Supreme Court has stated that "even speech that the majority doesn't like is protected under the first amendment." The reason they stated that was that there is a lot of speech out there that would be censored; including unpopular political speech. All sides have the right to be heard and although there is speech out there you don't like; people that want to hear it have the right to hear it. One final thing; if pedophiles wanted to see child porn, I sure there is a number of places on the Dark web they could find it, they wouldn't pay the money for one movie on Netflix.

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