I have to revise this answer: I would BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYBODY in Jeopardy if the subject was TODD DAUGHERTY, N9OGL!! Nobody, I repeat, ******NOBODY****** on the entire PLANET... fuck that, THE ENTIRE GALAXY could beat me if the subject was TOAD, for I know more about THE TODDLER than ******ANYBODY****** and that includes his sister Michelle and his parents!!!!!! Remember: I am the ULTIMATE FUCKTARD™ and I have NO LIFE outside of shitposting about Todd (if you can call that a life), so I WOULD WIN HANDS DOWN!!! HAHAHA!!!!!! Example: I KNOW WHAT TOAD ATE FOR BREAKFAST TODAY BECAUSE MY NOSE IS BURIED SO FAR UP HIS ASS IF I SNEEZE, TOAD WILL VOMIT!!! HAHAHA!!! WHENEVER TOAD HAS TO TAKE A SHIT, I KNOW ABOUT IT EVEN BEFORE HE DOES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! K?????? *NM*

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