Lol, oh, dude! You move your lips when you read, and even then, the only things you read are the ingredients on the wrappers of the candy bars you feed to the little boys whose penis tips you bite off, in or out of synagogue. Take it from me, your lifetime imaginary friend: try not to be so jealous of Daugherty. Certainly Todd is not the only person whose IQ is superior to yours. I doubt anybody with a pulse could claim an IQ lower than yours, except possibly Llardass. Besides, without Todd, you really would have to go back to raping little boys each and every day, so whatever his shortcomings may ultimately be, we can at least thank Todd for helping keep a Pedo Fucktard™ like you too preoccupied with shitposting to defile little boys! But don't worry! I'm STILL your friend, dude, and I REALLY care about you! Trust me. *NM*

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