FROM THE DESK OF TOADY: Member of the website hate and Flame are spamming my board with Porn. I wish the police and FBI would do something about it. BUT since they won't it seems I will have to. For those don't know Hate and Flame is a site I do not post on, yet this site seems to want to harass me and cyber stalk me in fact I know some are watching my FB account. They follow me every where I go on the web and harass me. Illinois has a Harassment via electronic device law but the state is too fucking stupid to enforce it. This site is also the site that had me thrown in jail in 2018, when one of their members pretend to be me and threatened the local school. I spend a month in jail for something I didn't do. The local police will not let me file a complaint since I've tried to file one since 2006. I'm tell you all, this shit isn't going to stop and these people re going to have me thrown in jail again, and the local police and FBI are too stupid to fix this problem. So since those st *NM* *PIC*

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