HAHAHA!!! TOAD is autistic and lives with his parents!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD can only work a job collecting pushcarts at the local Walmart!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD was too stupid to get his ham license!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD is 52 years old but has to ask his parents' permission to do anything!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD has a BLOW-UP DOLL as a girlfriend!!! HAHAHA!!! I can tell you what TOAD ate for breakfast lunch and dinner because my nose is buried so far up his ass I could sneeze out of TOAD'S own mouth myself!!! HAHAHA!!! I shitpost about TOAD 24/7/365 because I have even less of a life than I claim TOAD has!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD'S sister Michelle could kick my blubbery, kosher ass all over the place almost as much as TOAD could if TOAD could ever find me!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD will NEVER find me because I stay hidden like the obese, kosher coward I am!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM*

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