**PLEASE** leave Todd alone! It's not his fault that he's as superior to Unwiped Fucktard™ as he is. EVERYBODY is superior to UF in most/all ways, but Todd is different. Todd is even MORE superior to UF than many of you. That's why UF is so incredibly and justifiably jealous of Todd. Imagine if you were so obese you could barely walk and found it easier to just get around in a motorized wheelchair (not applicable to Steve Holsten since he really lives this way). Now imagine if, on top of that, you suffered severe brain damage from having been born with Tay Sachs, as well as an outstretched sphincter from mohels breeding your bottom from birth. You don't have to imagine any of this. Just look at UF up close and in person to see for yourself. Oh, but you can't. UF hides behind his PC keyboard where nobody can see him (as if anybody would want to) so that he can anonymously post blather about others without having to worry about consequences. Be thankful you're not UF. Todd certainly is *NM*