More calumnies from somebody who doesn't even know what a calumny is. The reason why you don't understand Todd is also precisely why he isn't like other people. It's almost impossibly difficult for him to hide his natural superiority to an obese child molesting jew like you, Unwiped Fucktard™. You limit all of your life's battles to anonymously libeling your superiors online in this forum. It's all you have. It's the only skill set you've acquired during your miserable, wasted life, which is why you're so insanely jealous of not only Todd, but Lloyd and probably Wood Chippers, Inc, too. I pity you, I really do. Todd does as well, btw. You doesn't deserve it, of course, but higher level human beings should be better than lowlives like you, UF. Todd certainly is. *NM*

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