Another bad week online for pedophile N9OGL Todd Daugherty of Taylorville IL

1) We keep his forum on lockdown. Every time he opens it up, we shut it down to everyone.
2) He promised he was going to fly his ultralight this week, but kept making excuses like not having oil for it, even though he's had 15 years to prepare. You figure someone who was ready to fly would have their equipment ready. But this Toad we are talking about.
3) He's obsessed with the movie CUTIES now.
4) Threatened to sick the FBI on F2 and H&F, his own MO that always fails.
5) New laughable GIFS of the Toad
6) Oh, he got girl glasses this week.
7) He trolled well over 200 meme's and shit postings on Facebook after his ban from last week was over, but almost no likes at all. I suspect even his family has him on the 30 day ignore list.

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