Wish I could agree with you. Sadly I know a lot of very beautiful very intelligent natural blonde blue eyed white girls with black men. Natural blondes are not dumb. They actually are the most intelligent. However they are very naive and too trusting for their own good. Which sadly is why you see so many very Bea very intelligent natural blonde blue eyed white girls with black men.

Unfortunately I've noticed a disturbing and disgusting trend of very intelligent and very beautiful natural blonde (usually very blonde) blue-eyed white girls going for the most vile ugly retarded black men.

There is a common misconception that only fat, ugly, and stupid white girls with low self-esteem that are ashamed of being white go for black men.
I wish there was true.
Sadly wnothing could actually be further from the truth.

Many of the most beautiful, most intelligent blonde hair blue-eyed white girls I know, sadly are with black men.
These girls do not have low self-esteem either.
Nor are they ashamed of being white.
Quite the contrary sadly.
They actually are very proud of the way they look and of being white.
They talk about and brag about how beautiful they are and how proud they are of being white and how jealous other women especially black women are.
I really think they only fuck, date, marry, and breed with black men to make black women jealous, and prove their superiority over other women, especially black women.

Natural blonde blue-eyed white women are not dumb.
In fact they are actually the most intelligent women.
Sadly they are also very naive and arrogant.

Despite being so intelligent they are too naive and arrogant to see that dating, marrying, and breeding with black men just so they can prove their superiority and make black women jealous, will also be what causes the extinction of white people, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Sadly it also seems the more beautiful and intelligent and blonder hair, bluer eyed, and fairer skinned, not only the mower likely they are to go for black men but also the uglier, stupider, more vile and disgusting, and lazier the black men she goes for is.

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