Maybe it's because you're too much of a low grade Fucktard™ to even realize that nobody, least of all I, takes your Tay Sachs-induced gibberish seriously. I'd ask you to put your oxygen-deprived brain in gear and try to come up with something a bit more original since you've already proven time and again your utter lack of ability to come up with anything which could be even remotely construed as "clever" by anybody other than a Downs Syndrome niglet, but alas, you ARE the ultimate Fucktard™, so expecting a pig like you to fly really is an exercise in futility, much like your efforts to walk more than one block without having a heart attack. Now, since your synagogue is closed due to the Covid-19 Hoax, you'll spend another lonely Friday tomorrow night drooling over your keyboard whilst wanking to your well-fondled back issues of the NAMBLA monthly newsletter. Hopefully in due course, you'll become a good jew already and just stop breathing! ;-) *NM*

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