What do you mean cops are Antifa? Do you say that because they don't arrest Antifa? Because there are "no-go" zones cops are afraid to enter in major cities??? COPS WANT TO GET HOME SAFELY TO THEIR FAMILIES AT THE END OF THE DAY!!! That's also why they shoot dogs & other pets!!! What's the matter with you??? If cops were harmed during BLM protests or by attack chihuahuas, who would arrest scofflaw anti-maskers??? Who would hand out tickets for speeders, jay walkers and motorists who don't observe parking regulations??? Who would arrest miscreants who don't show up for jury duty on time or at all??? Who would deal with all of those junior lawbreakers who operate lemonade stands without permits??? And without our brave men in blue, who would sit on roadside construction sights in their idling squad cars while the workers work??? WHO??? COPS, that's who!!! You know, those brave heroes and warriors who risk their lives PROTECTING US FROM CRIMINALS EVERY DAY!!! *NM*

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