Are you trying to say there's no pandemic? That's ridiculous! The government would never lie about something like this or anything else. If there was no pandemic, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin would have told us so. So far they haven't. In fact, Hannity has been encouraging the public to mask up and listen to the authorities on this from day one! What are you, some kind of conspiracy wacko? Rush Limbaugh has been saying for over 30 years that people who believe in conspiracy theories are kooks. Rush Limbaugh has talent on loan from G-d, so you should believe him. Sean Hannity is a GREAT American so you should believe him too! And Mark Levin is so great that Rush Limbaugh dubbed him "The Great One" over 20 years ago, so you should believe Levin. If not, then you should just go adjust your tin foil hat because you're probably a liberal. *NM*

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