I see you spend a lot of time ruminating (even though I have absolutely no idea what the word means) over the weight and girth of other men in this forum. I'm sure that is just SO fascinating that you have to spend every waking hour mulling it over. I don't mull over things like that. Were I to try to lose 50 pounds, the only way for me to do it would be to ask Tyrone, DeShawn or any of my 1000 or so other very large, very dark, black, male paramours to just remove their cocks from my anus. Actually, at that point I would probably be 100 pounds lighter since these ridiculously large, extremely dark black men like to penetrate me two, three or four or more at a time, but that's just me. I can't speak for you and your OH SO FASCINATING points of conversation, so you just carry on... *NM*

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