Dude, no apology necessary!!! You're gay, is all!!! I understand!!! Some people are gay as you are but NOT as I am because I am str8!!! Which means I am NOT GAY!!! I'll prove it to you: just look at this photo of Justin Bieber baring his MAGNIFICENT ASS for the camera!!! Now, if after looking at that photo for more than 6 seconds, you don't get INSTANTLY HARD and an overpowering desire to take a running leap at that ass and just SLAM it into oblivion, then YOU ARE GAY!!! Moreover, if you are AFRAID TO ADMIT IT AS WELL, as you undoubtedly are, then YOU ARE GAY!!! I am NOT afraid to admit that I would pay a king's ransom (if I had that much money) to fuck the living shit out of that ASS, which is just BEGGING to be fucked!!! And again I say that as a str8 dude who is NOT GAY because I really am not!!! I AM NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM* *PIC*

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