Re: Maax Acker has been around since at least 2010/2011.

one weird thing i remember about maax acker which i thought was a bit hinky was joeblow spamming the chat with pics of thots and acker immediately saying they looked like they were from X country and he was right every time and even joeblow was amazed when it was like a puertorican vs dominican vs cuban and jamaican vs trinidadian vs haitian

umunu was a place i found link from a conspiracy forum and torrent site but it seemed like a joke sometimes and other it ominously glowed

i remember that black pope guy marcus from ti7m was rekt somehow by him or it and he claimed acker had to be an agent or sovereign entity because he was posting pics of his garbage like an hour after he dumped it

i just remembered that acker figured out a trick to see joeblows message channel and started posting screen-shots all the nasty shit he was saying about people he was friendly towards in the main chat

oh yeah i also remember him doxing ninny but only trolling him with posts about "the la's" a band he was obsessed with
it was pretty lulzy

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