My great hero Hal Turner, as great as he was, was not perfect!!! Though he was paid handsomely by the FBI to help entrap and imprison Nazi scumbags like Wickstrom, tragically, Wickstrom was one of the Nazis Hal never got around to incarcerating!!! I complained to Hal about that and in response, Hal hit me in my fat face so hard that I went FLYING back into my wheelchair, which collapsed the seat onto the overheated motor, which burned burned a hole in my custom made seat as well as onto my obese, cottage cheese dimpled ass!!! My takeaway from this (no, NOT Chinese food with a side order of Snickers, Mallomars and Long John Silver Hushpuppies): do NOT criticize Hal Turner unduly. Or even duly as you're liable to get beaten to within an inch of your life!!! Learn from my mistakes. And DONATE to Hal already, you cheap bastards!!!!!! *NM*

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