Good thing due to Covid-19 I no longer have to waddle that one grueling block to temple every Friday tonight, so I can tell you this: YOU are MY sockpuppet!!! YOU are a part of ME!!! I am NOT a part of YOU!!! I am your father!!! YOU are MY CHILD!!! YOU will FUCK UP this forum the way I TELL YOU TO and NO OTHER WAY!!! Everybody here KNOWS I lost control of the forum to the 79 year old geezer, Big Chief Mickey Totem Small Scrotum which is why I AM UNABLE TO DO what you suggest right now, which is to make this forum EVEN MORE of a shithole than it was prior to Mickey checking himself out of that nursing home to come back here!!! Now, you either SOCK UP MY WAY, OR FUCK OFF AND LEAVE!!! I'll say it again: I am going to PAY Llardass, Schvartzie, NewsTard and The Inturd to SPAM THE SHIT out of this forum, in ways even a wayward sock like YOU could NEVER IMAGINE!!! NOW SHAPE UP OR FUCK OFF!!!!!! *NM*

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