Bingo!!! This is what I've been talking about!!! I endeavored to make this forum such a shithole that Mickey (or anyone else) could send their stool samples here without anybody even noticing they are stool samples and instead, mistaking them for posted threads!!! I largely succeeded in this and I am extremely proud of my efforts and my success!!! I did this after Big Chief Mickey Tall Totem Small Scrotum retired a few years ago, however, the old coot has returned and is now trying to force ME into retirement, even though I DON'T want to retire!!! I want to continue to make NimBusters even more inferior than I've made it so far, but Mickey's presence here will hamper my efforts!!! Therefore, I will enlist the aid of Llardass, Schvartzie, NewsTard and the Inturd to help me rain down levels of pointless spam, the likes of which this forum has NEVER seen!!! I expect EVERYBODY HERE (except for Mickey) to contribute to this effort!!! *NM*

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