HAPPY THURSDAY, FELLOW NIMONIANS!!! Warning: somebody is trying to dox My fellow BLM protesters in Portand, OR!!! There are racists and antisemites who would LOVE to see physical harm come to these brave SJWs, whom I regard as My brothers!!! There could be other Kyle Rittenhouses waiting to commit murder!!! This again, is why we must NEVER defund the police!!! We need LEOs to not only make sure no harm comes to SJWs, but to identify and arrest scofflaws who break the speed limit, don't pay code violation fines or DO NOT WEAR MASKS AND SOCIALLY DISTANCE!!! Can you imagine the level of ANARCHY AND LAWLESSNESS we'd have WITHOUT our brave men in blue??? That's not a world in which I want to live!!! I want to be sure that EVERY BUSINESS operating during this Covid-19 pandemic has PERMISSION FROM GOVERNMENT to be open and is operating at whatever capacity government allows (25%, 10%, whatever) or SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!! Think about it!!! ;-) *LINK*