I see that you have an extreme preoccupation with VonBluvens when you SHOULD have an extreme preoccupation with the only subject in this forum worth having an extreme preoccupation with, and that is my great hero, Wood Chippers, Inc.. It's touching to realize that there are people like you with lives so empty that all you can do is talk about other men in this forum, even though they aren't actually members of this forum. Which is the reason why you should do as I do and make Wood Chippers, Inc., the main thrust of your lives, in much the same way I make negro penises the main thrust in my backside, which is so outstreched that I can no longer even feel those negro penises in the least. However, you are free to continue your quest for discussion about VonBluvens because that's just SO much more important than Wood Chippers, Inc.. Carry on... *NM*

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