Hey, Sparky, if you paid more attention, you'd see that I do focus on current events, at least those I deem worthwhile. I discuss other board personalities, generally Unwiped Fucktard™, when he shows poor judgment (the only kind he ever shows, lol) in trying to outdebate and/or flame me, neither of which he (or anyone else here) could ever do in a million years. As for focusing on specific WN names, you apparently haven't been around here long enough to know, but that's what this forum has always been about. There are a gazillion other forums/websites at which better known news figures can be (and are) discussed. If that suits you better, then perhaps you need to go to one of them instead of lurking around here. Or you can just be like Unwiped's most fucktarded sockpuppet, Observer, and limit your opinions and observations to me and what I post here. *NM*

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