HELLOOOOOO FELLOW NIMONIANS!!!!!! How are all of you on the simply GORGEOUS Covid Thursday morning, eh?????? I am as ELATED as a LITTLE GIRL with a new DOLL!!!!!! The new George Floyd hologram will be displayed locally where a Jefferson Davis statue was recently torn down!!!!!! I and My fellow Democrat Activists couldn't be happier!!!!!! This is only the BEGINNING of the progress we need to make to correct the injustices done to Black people for the past 500 years!!!!!! There is still a LONG way to go, but this is a GOOD START!!!!!! We will be attending other BLM functions throughout the day today and have already warned the police that there could be problems if they dare to interfere!!!!!! More on this throughout the day as it develops!!!!!! Toodles!!!!!! :-) *NM*

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