Bob Filus has now contracted the Coronavirus. Can Bob Filus be cured of a fatal disease when Bob Filus is already dead? Can a 3 year, 1 month dead corpse be prevented from dying again? Bob Filus continues to gain weight postmortem. If Bob Filus dies a second time, will Bob Filus finally stop gaining weight? Will Bob Filus' corpse surpass 400 pounds while he's still dead only once or will Bob Filus' corpse have to die a second time before surpassing 400 pounds? Will the Coronavirus instead prevent Bob Filus from gaining more weight? If Coronavirus kills Bob Filus a second time, will Artie be jealous because Artie wanted to be the one to kill Bob Filus a second time instead of letting a nonhuman disease have the honor of killing Bob Filus even once? *NM*

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