Hey guys, how's it hanging??? Well, I finally got my bro's Cody and Caleb to come out of the basement, where they've been, playing Zelda since the day I shit and vomited all over Cody just as he was about to buttfuck me!!! I promised Cody that would NOT happen again as I would be sure to fuck only an an empty stomach in the future!!! However, Cody now wants me to wear a mask!!! Not because of the Coronavirus scam, but to prevent me from vomiting all over him again, just in case!!! I said to him, "Dude, that won't be a problem because from now on, I will ALWAYS be the TOP whilst and YOU, the BOTTOM" (just like Artie always Topped Peetie, lol)!!! Then, Caleb came up with an AWESOME idea: all three of us should form a DAISY CHAIN, which means that all three of us will be fucking somebody else's ass whilst GETTING buttfucked SIMULTANEOUSLY!!! Now HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? And I say that as a str8 dude who's NOT even GAY because I'm NOT!!! I'm REALLY NOT GAY!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM* *PIC*

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